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  • Davonish Myles

    Davonish Myles

    Sometimes I like my job, sometimes I love my job while other times I dislike or hate my job but the feeling of helping others, to even instill just a spark of hope within one Jamaican at a time dispite what anyone thinks of me within the JCF, it brings me hope that there is still hope for us though the bad apples over crowd us. I said one sentence to a concerned citizen last night while on duty & he began to cry saying, "Jus those words offica mek mi feel gud,it mek mi still have hope inna unno caz im a decent law abiding citizen,mi ago pray fi unno, han officia, the spouse u deh wit,if u not married yet tell her dat john brown seh u gonna make a good hussban,bless yu & have a wonderful easter".
    It lifted my heart from last night to now.
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